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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Rick Benton
Board of Governors



April 2019

It’s been described as a “God thing” and I can hardly disagree. God was at work late last year when prayer warriors Freddie King and Brenda Garrison crossed paths. Freddie was ministering to local victims of Hurricane Florence, and Brenda’s home between Surf City and Hampstead had been severely damaged by the storm, resulting in her and her two granddaughters being displaced. 

Once our Chapel’s Missions committee became aware of Brenda’s predicament in December, a plan was quickly hatched to undertake a mission to restore her home. With support and funding from the Board and Benevolence Committee, the project was on. Nine hundred volunteer hours later, Brenda’s house has been restored, under budget and ahead of schedule, and Brenda and her granddaughters are back home. 

More than 30 EAMC affiliates took part in this local mission project. I believe God had his hand in it the entire way from the beginning. How else could you account for the crossing of paths, the project idea, the support and means, the volunteerism, the cooperation, and the friendship and Christian bond that has been formed with Brenda and her family. Yes, it was a “God thing”, and we have all been blessed.

Our Worship committee has been busily planning and conducting worship opportunities for us in the coming month or so, many related to the Easter season. And the Social Committee has arranged for two special visitors to be at our annual Easter Egg Hunt. I encourage you to read the newsletter carefully to ensure you get all the April dates for your calendar. In addition, a National Day of Prayer service is scheduled for May 2, our 8 a.m. Sunday morning service will resume May 26 and run through September 1, and Children’s Church begins June 16. 

The Youth Committee has already engaged Devin Wood to return as this year’s Summer Youth Minister. This year’s Youth Assistant will be announced at services in the chapel on Easter. The Youth Program begins in early June.

The Building and Grounds committee continues to facilitate repair of storm damage to the Youth Cottage, as well as the Fellowship House. Hopefully we’ll get our facilities back to normal soon.

As you can see, spring and summer are busy times for our Chapel, but if you think about it, we’re busy with activities year round. All of this is made possible by our devoted affiliate volunteers (Thank you!) serving our Chapel and Christ through nearly 30 committees. As you already understand, our Chapel is a “God thing” itself. 

Finally, during this special season that’s upon us, let’s take time to pray that our hearts are prepared to accept the message of the cross—that Christ died for our sins, was crucified and buried, and was resurrected so that our sins are washed away that we may have eternal life with Him.

I welcome your suggestions, questions or concerns. Drop me an email or give me a call at 910-604-3835.

In Christ's service,



February 2019


It’s often stated that God works in mysterious ways. I feel election as the EAMC Board of Governors Chairman for the next two years is reflective of that statement. I have served in leadership roles as a member of several churches, enduring both positive and difficult times. Why me again, I’ve asked myself since first being asked to consider serving as chairman for the next two years. We have so many talented, spiritual and dutiful affiliates at Emma Anderson, how is it that I should be chairman and not others?

After a whole lot of prayer and deep thought, and encouragement from others, God through the Holy Spirit made the decision easy for me and led me to say, yes, I’ll serve. 

Frank Sherron did a terrific job during the past two years as our chairman, encouraging us to pray for discernment for God’s will for our Chapel, and leading us through sessions to help better define priorities and opportunities to implement His will. As the chairman, my primary interest is in continuing to facilitate implementation of God’s will in our Chapel through the priorities that have already been established by the board. 

As you know, our Chapel is organized to be “managed” by our affiliates. We have 27 standing committees and a governing body designed to do just that. I am always encouraged by the dutiful work of our affiliates and committees, and I encourage affiliates that aren’t yet involved in committees and leadership opportunities to pray for where to share their talents.

Our Chapel is blessed in so many ways, particularly in how we are able to share those blessings with others via various missions and activities. Recently the Benevolence Committee has been able to direct substantial financial assistance to five area churches and four families devastated by Hurricane Florence, as well as to several other groups involved in helping others recover from the storm. Additionally, 686 adults and 697 children were touched with benevolence assistance during the holidays. Our Local Missions Committee has undertaken a project to renovate a local home occupied by a grandmother and her two grandchildren who were displaced by Florence. 

Our Kingdom Crafters are always undertaking outreach projects like sending dresses to children in Haiti, or hats, scarves and gloves to local veterans. We collected 103 filled shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, and 26 affiliates marked our 10th year of participation at the Boone, N.C., shoebox processing facility in December sending out blessings from our Chapel all over the world via Samaritan’s Purse. And that’s just touching the surface.

As you can see, our little Chapel does big things when it comes to serving our Lord. That’s because our affiliates dutifully pray and seek God’s will, then go forth and serve. As Chairman, it’s such a pleasure to serve the Chapel with affiliates who through prayer and discernment know the way of our Lord in service. 

It remains a mystery to me why I’m the Board Chairman now, but I know over time the reasons will unfold via God’s continuing will and the works of our little Chapel.

I welcome your suggestions, questions or concerns. Drop me an email or give me a call at 910-604-3835. 

In Christ's service,