Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Monday, November 19, 2018
Since 1951


Operation Christmas Child


OCC 2016Our 8th Trip

Forty-three Emma Anderson affiliates headed to Boone on December 13th and 14th to help Samaritan’s Purse with its Christmas shoebox ministry. The goal? 9.5 million boxes. The outcome? 11.2 million!! Boone, the smallest of the warehouses from around the U.S., hit the 800,000 number while we were there. EAMC affiliates donated 146 shoeboxes filled with goodies.

Affiliates both old and new participated in this rewarding ministry. This year we were joined by Jean and Joe Bell, Rod Dillman’s brother Alan and his wife Trace, Rebecca Womble’s sister BJ and her husband Mickey, and Karen Robert’s husband Craig. Welcome! 

Eating in the dining room at the Samaritan’s Purse offices across the street was a new treat. A great highlight was the barbecue dinner Pam Burke and Laura Dillman arranged for us at the hotel right after our late shift on the first night. It is always such a special tradition to share.


Julia Pollock, Freddie King, Pam Burke                                    Laura Dillman, Trace Dillman
Alan Dillman, Gerry Horner                                               Rod Dillman, John Burke, Rich Pollock
Tim Horner, Freddie King, Dwight Davis                          Sandra Davis, Maggie Parrish
Bob Barnes, Joe Bell                                                                          Frances Keir, BJ Love
Bettye Benton, George Womble                                   Ginny Barnett, Rick Benton
Karen Roberts, Jean Bell, Rebecca Womble                                Craig Roberts, Mickey Love
Jeff Bell, Julia Sherron, David Barnes                                     Dennis Sovel, Frank Sherron, Jim King
Vicki Sovel, Dianne Barnes                                                             Debo Bell
Ray McDonald, Butch Parrish                                                                  Kay Grady, Marsha Lewis, Norma Carole McDonald
Woody & Bev Woodruff                           Samaritan's Purse offices across the street from the warehouse