Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Since 1951
Minister Sponsorship


EAMC is a Bible-based Christian Church of affiliates motivated by the love of God to provide a means for Christian ministers to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to any within our reach by leading worship services, without denominational discrimination.
Our church does not have a pastor. Each year the Board of Governors accepts applications until October of the current year from guest ministers for the upcoming calendar year. Ministers who are selected to lead worship receive a weeklong stay in our parsonage in grateful appreciation for their ministry.  
Guest ministers must be sponsored by an affiliate of EAMC.
An affiliate is someone who has worshipped with us at least once. 
 Deadline for 2021 Nominations is October 14, 2020. 

 The Nomination Process

The sponsor (someone affiliated with the Chapel) fills out their portion of the application then forwards it to the minister. 
Once prospective ministers receive an application from an affiliate (their sponsor), they complete their portion and submit it to the selection committee. 
Once the Minister Selection Committee has received all applications, it determines who will be invited to preach and for which week during the following year

For Affiliate Sponsors

A sponsor will be required to:

       Greet the minister upon arrival.

       Visit with the minister sometime during the week.

       Provide a warm welcome, especially if the family is new to our arrangement/community.

       Make arrangements for someone else to perform the above duties if they are unable to be present in the community during their minister’s stay. 

Sponsors have the opportunity to provide the flowers for the altar during the week their minister leads worship. An affiliate may sponsor only one minister per year.


For Guest Ministers

Nominations are reviewed in October for the following calendar year. Ministers who are invited to preach must accept in writing. 

Participation by ministers in future years requires reapplication.


About the Review & Selection Process

The committee has the responsibility to invite ministers who are representative of a variety of Christian denominations, to include men and women and to include new ministers each year. Special consideration is given to those ministers with school-aged children. 

After ministers have accepted the invitation to preach, their sponsors are notified by letter. Those sponsors and ministers who could not be accommodated are then notified by letter.



We encourage affiliates to invite a favorite minister to speak at the Chapel by forwarding a completed application as soon as possible. Applications are in the vestibule of the chapel or can be emailed to affiliates upon request.
Thank you for supporting our Chapel ministry.


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