Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Friday, November 15, 2019
Since 1951


Madam Librarians and the Birth of a Library



In spring 2009, EAMC affiliate Michelle Reynolds approached Nancy Green and asked her to be the chair of the Library Committee. But... there was no library or committee. And there were no books.


A daunting task loomed. Nancy G. was hesitant, but agreed to help make Michelle's vision a reality. She recruited Gerry Horner, Grayson ReVille, and Brenda Teachey to join her. The Madam Librarians then set to work. They secured donated books and a location for the library. They collectively judged the appropriateness of each book for our collection. Cheryl Poltzer joined the group and started a computer database. After the first couple of years, Nancy took over database duties. Gerry created all the subject cards. Nancy Howell joined the librarians and entered all new volumes into handwritten notebooks. 


Fast forward eight years to 2017. There are now 1400 volumes in our little Chapel's library, which found a home on the second floor of the Fellowship House. Nancy G. is still the chair. Gerry,  Grayson and Nancy H. are still on the committee and have been joined by Frances Keir. Owing to the zeal of the librarians and many other individuals, this sunny room is full of books and features built-in shelving (courtesy of an anonymous donor), a big conference table (also donated), a colorful children's-sized table and a comfy adult-sized chair perfect for sitting in with a good read. It's hard to believe that this transformed space was once a bedroom with a pink, jetted tub in the corner!


The evolution of the library is remarkable considering that 99% of the volumes have been given by generous donors. The well-stocked library features Christian fiction, nonfiction, children's, young adult and reference books. It has some large print fiction and nonfiction. It also houses church sermons, educational materials and EAMC history documents.



The library's computer had to be replaced in March 2017. While going through its files, Nancy found the proposal she had presented to the Board of Governors on May 2, 2009, seeking approval to create the library. Its stated purpose was to provide year-round and summer residents a learning environment that will allow personal Christian growth through study and enrichment. The committee continues to be true to the library's mission of providing high quality reading material to the affiliates of EAMC.


Our Madam Librarians processed several boxes of newly donated books during the winter and now happily complain that the shelves are almost bursting at the seams. They plan to conduct a comprehensive inventory and rearrange everything this spring. An updated book list will be posted on the website as soon as it's available. But don’t wait for that! Take some time to visit the library and see the wonderful resource it has become since opening in January 2010. 


Michelle had wanted the library to be a place to study for Sunday school lessons or Bible studies. It is serving both of those purposes and more. It's also being used for young adult Sunday school classes, committee meetings and children's hour.  “I never imagined that the end result of my vision would be so perfect!” she said, smiling.


Library hours are Sunday 8:50 to 9:30 a.m. and by request. Members of the Library Committee: Nancy Green (910-328-1092), Gerry Horner (910-328-7251), Nancy Howell (910-328-0354), Frances Keir (919-522-3934) and Grayson ReVille (910-328-1244).