Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Since 1951
Brenda is back 
in her home!
April 1, 2019
Look at those smiles! Brenda and her granddaughter are so happy to be home!
Late last December, the Chapel’s Local Missions committee initiated a project to renovate a local home damaged by Hurricane Florence last September. Homeowner Brenda Garrison and her two granddaughters were displaced after three solid days of rain totaling 30 inches made their home between Surf City and Hampstead unlivable.

With support of the Board and the Benevolence Committee, $25,000 in funding was approved for the project. Every Wednesday since early January, volunteers from EAMC gathered at the house to undertake a variety of tasks to restore Brenda’s house to a “home” once again. Ten weeks after the work began and just in time for spring, Brenda moved back into her “new” home.

More than 30 affiliates took part in this local mission project, devoting over 900 hours of service. David Barnes served as the project manager and deserves much praise for his effective task planning, his pursuit of efficiency and cost containment, and his general leadership. Because of his diligence and determination to be as cost effective as possible, the renovation was completed ahead of time AND under budget, at a total cost of $10,500, well under the original estimate. All the volunteers deserve much credit and praise for their dedication over the past 10 weeks, including those who provided onsite lunches during the renovations.

Brenda is still getting things set up and organized. She needs some furnishings so if anyone would like to donate items, they should contact us and we will forward your information to her. Brenda has expressed so much praise and happiness for all that EAMC has done for her and her granddaughters, and for all the new friends she’s made during the renovation. Best of all, Brenda is one of our newest affiliates as she frequently joins us for Sunday worship.




Hammers and laughter 
revive a home!
March 1, 2019
Homeowner Brenda Garrison (l.) with David Barnes (r.), EAMC affiliate and project manager, at the end of a workday.
Volunteers representing the Chapel’s Local Missions committee have continued to work diligently since the end of last year renovating a local home damaged by Hurricane Florence last September. Homeowner Brenda Garrison and her two granddaughters were displaced after three solid days of rain totaling 30 inches made their home between Surf City and Hampstead unlivable. 

With $25,000 in funding from the Chapel’s Board of Governors upon recommendation of the Benevolence committee, volunteers have gathered at Brenda’s house every Wednesday since January to complete a long list of renovation tasks. Twelve to 15 men and women have brought their talents and tools, as well as humor and indefatigable spirits, to remove damaged materials, replace damaged base flooring, install and finish sheetrock, and repair the roof and siding. 
Recent work has been focused on installing trim, painting, replacing damaged light and other fixtures, and finishing up the little things in anticipation of new floor coverings being installed during the week of February 25.
Over 750 volunteer hours by more than 30 Chapel affiliates have been devoted to this project since January. David Barnes has done a fabulous job leading the renovation by planning the tasks, gathering the materials and supplies, and doling out the weekly assignments. Joe Bell deserves a special pat on the back for directing the efforts during David’s recent vacation. And all the volunteers deserve a special salute for their dutiful presence and work each and every Wednesday, including those who have been providing onsite lunches for the workers on many of the workdays.
The original project completion date goal was March 30 and it appears certain that the repairs will be wrapped up well before then. Brenda has expressed great joy in the work and passion of the volunteers. She and her granddaughters are eagerly looking forward to moving back home very soon!
A Family Displaced.
The Chapel Responds.
February 1, 2019
Volunteers with EAMC's Local Missions committee install drywall at a nearby home that suffered extensive interior damage from Hurricane Florence. 
Since late December 2018, 26 affiliates have been dedicated to repairing and renovating the local home of a grandmother displaced by Hurricane Florence last September. Every Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m., our mission team descends upon her home located between Surf City and Hampstead. So far, they've contributed 378 service hours.
Affiliate Freddie King met the grandmother in late October while deployed to Wilmington as a chaplain with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Rapid Response Team. A devout Christian, the grandmother is raising two granddaughters by herself. Most of their personal effects as well as the home sustained water damage from three days of rain after the roof failed during the storm. They are currently living in close quarters with family 30 miles away in Jacksonville and the girls have had to attend new schools.
The mission team's goal is to finish repairs by March 30, 2019, or before so that the family can return to their home and get back to normal. Remaining tasks on the punch list include finishing roof repairs, replacing fixtures, painting, plus installing insulation, sheetrock, a vapor barrier and flooring.
Additional volunteers to help with this ministry are welcome! Contact Rick Benton for more information.