Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Since 1951

Planned Giving & Endowment


The Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel Planned Giving and Endowment program has been established to support and enlarge the ministry of the chapel now and in perpetuity. The program provides a vehicle for affiliates and friends of the chapel to make gifts for permanent endowments. 


The objectives of the endowment program are to preserve and maximize the value of each donor’s gift; to generate earnings from principal to fund the chapel’s ministries, capital and special needs; and to enhance the financial well-being of the dhapel to enable it to continue its mission into the future. 


Unrestricted gifts are encouraged; however designated gifts may be approved by the Board of Governor’s Executive Committee. “Named” funds are authorized as part of the chapel’s endowment program with a minimum contribution of $50,000. Gifts are placed in the chapel’s endowment fund which is managed by the chapel’s Planned Giving Committee, Finance Committee and Board of Governors. 


Types of gifts that may be accepted for the Endowment Fund include cash, bequests, life insurance policies, real estate, securities, and charitable trusts. All gifts must be approved by the Executive Committee of the chapel’s Board of Governors.

If you're interested in finding out more about the Chapel’s Endowment and Planning Giving Program, contact Eddie Hatch by email or phone at 910-320-2669.