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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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During worship on September 1, 2019, the Youth Committee was pleased to announce — and affiliates were glad to hear — that Devin Wood, left, will be returning as the youth minister for a third summer in 2020. Devin will be pursuing a master’s degree at UNC-Chapel Hill during the coming year. We wish you well, Devin, and look forward to your return!


The committee also presented a commemorative plaque to Herb Ormond in appreciation for his four decades of faithful service and loving leadership of the Chapel’s Summer Youth Program.


Herb started the Youth Committee and has served on it since 1995. He was the Chapel’s youth minister before moving to Raleigh to serve as the youth minister at Wilson Teachey’s home church. Wilson says, “Herb made a lasting impact on my life as a youth leader, and I also credit him with teaching me how to water ski.”


 Retired Youth Committee Chair Herb Ormond proudly displays the plaque of appreciation presented to him during worship on September 1, 2019, by the Youth Committee. Members, l. to r. are current Chair Wilson Teachey, Nancy Teachey, Herb and Jim King. Sarah Stidley was also present during the award. Hunter Bell is also on the committee.


Herb says, “After having been closely involved in the Youth Program for over 40 years – as a youth, the youth minister, and working as the Youth Committee chairman with every youth minister since 1984 – I have been praying for several years for the Lord to bring the perfect person(s) to “pass the baton” to. 


"WOW, how the Lord has answered my prayers! Wilson and Nancy Teachey are awesome! The program could not be in better hands going forward! With Wilson as the Youth Committee Chair and Nancy as the “on the island, day-to-day contact”, they are an excellent team and in a great position to lead the committee, which also includes Jim King, Sarah Stidley (Youth Minister 2014-15), and Hunter Bell (Youth Minister 2016-17). 


"This has been a very deliberate process of transition. Wilson & Nancy 'shadowed me' for all of 2018; I hung around to help out for 2019. Now they’re ready to take the next steps with this ministry. Obviously, I will miss “the action” I enjoyed these past years but I thank the Lord that He, once again, is showing His favor and blessing to the great Youth Program of Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel.”


Congratulations from all of us, Herb. Your dedication and efforts over the many years at EAMC have assuredly brought many youth to Christ.  



Our Youth Cottage was damaged during Hurricane Florence in September 2018. 
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Devin's Summer 2019 Wrap Up

Summer 2019— full of nonstop fun and joy— has officially come to a close! We had a great turnout for both age groups (ages 6-12, and rising 7th-graders - rising college freshmen) and it was amazing getting to watch the youth learn more about the character of God and grow deeper in their faith and with one another.

In everything we did this summer, we embraced our theme Waves of Grace. Through God’s constant grace, He has given us the opportunity to have such an amazing youth program. He gives us constant favor and kindness, which is evident by the beauty of the island and the community and program he has blessed us with. Just like the waves in the ocean, God’s grace is always flowing and never ending.

Through daily activities, devotions, Bible studies, and other time spent with each other, we saw God moving firsthand in the Youth Program. Some of our favorite activities were the sandbar party, Monday morning fishing, and Bible study at Ms. Mildred Wilson’s home! For both age groups, we studied the Fruit of the Spirit and looked at the characteristics that grow inside of us when we have the Holy Spirit. Our most successful events were Mini Golf and Bigger and Better! 

Although we spent a lot of time on activities, one of the best parts of the summer was forming a community outside of the planned activities. It was great to be able to not just spend a couple hours a day with the kids, but actually get to do life with them.

Towards the end of the summer, one of the youths opened up about how they had never been part of a community that loves each other so well and constantly pushes each other deeper into their faith. I think this summarizes what the youth program is about and what it means to so many youth and adults alike at Emma Anderson.

Our goal is to pursue and love the Lord and let that drive our daily actions and how we live our life. Knowing that God is using the program to move in the hearts and minds of these young kids makes me feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Youth Week was another success. Pastor Scott Bircher came on Tuesday and spent much of his time at the youth activities and helping us prepare for Youth Sunday. We felt blessed having him and his family with us, and the youth loved being able to participate in leading worship. It was a great week helping the youth grow closer, as well as getting to know Scott and his family.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this summer’s program! The Youth Program wouldn’t be successful without the support of the congregation, parents, and community of Topsail Beach. We are especially thankful for all the volunteers who gave their time and talents to the renovation of the Youth Cottage. It allowed us to have a beautiful new space that served as a great gathering area for the youth! 

Photos and our summer highlights video are available on the EAMC Summer Youth Program Facebook page. The video is also available on YouTube. We pray that everyone has a great year and we are already looking forward to another great summer in 2020. It’ll be here before you know it! 

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