Chairman’s Corner December 2019

The EAMC Board of Governors held its final meeting of the year on November 16. As most of you know, the Chapel’s governing body is comprised of 20 board members and three trustees elected by the congregation. Board members serve four-year terms, and each year five board members rotate off and are replaced by five new members. One trustee is elected annually and one retires. We are deeply appreciative of the service of all of those affiliates who have served and will continue to serve the Chapel as board members and trustees, and I look forward to having the newly elected members with us at our first meeting of 2020 in January. I acknowledged all of them in my October Chairman’s Corner.

As I’ve noted before, our Chapel is unique in that it is managed and operated by affiliate volunteer committees. It’s really amazing how this model works so effectively as an organization, as well as in spreading the gospel to our community and beyond, even globally. It works so well because of the dedication and commitment of our affiliates, but also because of the Holy Spirit directing the Chapel’s ministries. Please pray often that we may discern God’s will and direction for our Chapel.

As you may have heard, the members of our Communications Committee have been working over the past 18 months to update the Chapel’s website. The Committee reported at the recent board meeting they are endeavoring to have the new website go live by year end. The new site will not only sport a fresh new look, but will allow for many new features. One of the more “hands-on” features will be an ability for online giving via donation processor Online giving will also be available via the app for phones and tablets. Committee members researched other churches’ practices, online giving trends, and various options for online giving for over a year. They collaborated with the Finance Committee to bring this capability to EAMC.

Online giving will provide more options for affiliates to give to the Chapel, will help facilitate giving for those who don’t use checks anymore (like millennials), and will potentially increase overall giving to the Chapel, thus increasing our ability to do God’s will. Online giving via the new website will be available when the website goes live. Treasurer Greg Miller advised the Board that online giving through the app for both iOS and Android is available to use immediately. Just download the app from your app store and search for Emma Anderson to get started.

Members of the Chapel’s Social Committee have recently researched the history of the Chapel so that they could recommend to the Board a definitive cycle for future Homecoming celebrations. After discussing various options based on historical events when the Chapel formed, the Board voted to schedule Homecoming celebrations every five years in the spring beginning with the 70th anniversary next year. Mark your calendars for June 14, 2020, and stay tuned for information about special events throughout the year.

I have to admit I’m human and haven’t yet gotten in the proper mindset for the Thanksgiving holidays, much less the soon-to-follow Christmas season. Nevertheless, immediately after Thanksgiving this year, on December 1, Advent begins and continues through the next four weeks until Christmas. Our Worship Committee is ahead of most of the rest of us, and has already been planning for our Advent services.

As you know, Advent is a time of anticipating and celebrating the coming of our Lord Jesus, including the birth of Jesus, his coming into our lives, and his return to establish his eternal Kingdom. I trust in Jesus that as the Advent season nears, with solemn prayer, my mind and heart will be prepared so that I might be able to devotedly anticipate and celebrate Christ’s coming. I know all of us as Christians desire the same, so let’s pray and ask for God’s blessings upon our Chapel, our community, and our world as we anticipate, celebrate and worship together during Advent at EAMC as brothers and sisters in Christ.

As always, please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas about our Chapel’s future. I can be reached at 910-604-3835 or via email

In Christ’s Service,