Chairman’s Corner February 2020

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems like yesterday that I was writing my last column about getting in the Christmas spirit. Now I’m back at it writing this column in mid-February with daffodils already blooming on the island.

Christmas and Year End

So much has transpired over the last few months through the Chapel. I want to extend heartfelt appreciation to all the affiliates who gave countless hours to make our Christmas season so special. Dianne and David Barnes, with the help of many others assured that the Chapel was decorated to its fullest beauty. Merle Morris and Carolyn Kugatow, along with our Chancel and handbell choirs, provided great music capping it off with the Cantata. Our Advent and Christmas Eve services were made richer by Rich Pollock and the Worship Committee. Kimry Gardner and the Communion Committee made sure communion was a part of the Christmas Eve candlelight service. Janie Hauser and her team of helpers trimmed the 200 candles that were used in the service. And the Social Committee, as always, assured a great time of feast and fellowship after the Cantata.

Macon Basinger who did an outstanding job as Chair of the Chapel’s Flower Committee for many years, “retired” from the position at the end of 2019. The three “B’s”— Ginny Barnett, Penny Burrell and Jean Bell— have agreed to now co-chair the committee. Planning for and coordinating flower arrangements with sponsors for the Chapel each week, all year long, is a tremendous job and responsibility. A big thank you to them for stepping up to take on this responsibility!

Spring and Beyond

It’s not only during the Christmas season that our affiliates step up to plan and implement programs and services. They do so all during the year. Easter is coming soon and affiliates are already busy planning for Lenten Luncheons, our Easter services and programs, our youth summer program, homecoming, and our summer potluck dinners at the Assembly Building.

Our Lenten Luncheon Speaker Series has been a very popular program for the past several years thanks to the work of Julia Sherron and Dianne Barnes. I understand that last year’s attendance averaged 65-70 each week. Peggy Marziani has volunteered to coordinate the luncheons this year. Thank you, Peggy! The first luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, and will be held each Tuesday through March 31 with a different inspirational speaker. See more info in our calendar.

The Christian Education Committee sponsored a movie night February 12 featuring the movie Overcomer. Five consecutive Wednesday nights of Bible study will follow based on the movie. If you missed the it, the movie is available for you to watch at home. Contact Jean Bell (910-328-2345) or Julia Sherron (910-690-2595) for more information about the movie and this winter Bible study.

Pat Gunter is coordinating an exploratory Missions trip for affiliates to Haiti from May 4-8 in conjunction with Haiti Outreach Ministries in Durham. The purpose of this short trip is to explore mission opportunities for EAMC affiliates. Findings will be shared with those who are interested in planning and participating in a weeklong trip in the future. Please contact Pat (919-724-9459) for more information if you are interested in participating in the May trip.

June Homecoming

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel. A series of activities is being planned by the Social Committee to commemorate this milestone. Make sure to be in town for a Homecoming Celebration on Sunday, June 14! Contact Bettye Benton (252-532-0762) for more details

It Takes a Village

As you can see, it takes many affiliate volunteers to keep our Chapel running. I’ve only touched the surface of the programs and activities that our committees (all 27 of them) and affiliates work on year round, and often do so unheralded behind the scenes. Dedicated affiliates make our Chapel what it is and allow us to minister to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whether as a committee representative, committee chair, board member or volunteer on a mission project, there are plenty of opportunities to serve EAMC. Please pray for opportunities that you might be led to fulfill. Stay abreast of these via our website calendar.

We’re often thought of as just the little white Chapel at the end of the island (with no full-time minister). But the wealth of missions and programs that come out of our Chapel spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our communities and, in fact, the world.

As always, please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas about our Chapel’s future. I can be reached at 910-604-3835 or via email.

In Christ’s Service,

Rick Benton, Chair
EAMC Board of Governors