Chairman’s Corner October 2019

At the annual congregational meeting after worship on September 22, five new Board of Governors members and one new trustee were elected to serve beginning January 1, 2020. New governors who will serve four-year terms are John Burke, Mark Daley, Gayla McMillan, Wilson Teachey and Danny Thompson. The new trustee is Rich Pollock who will serve a three-year term. Many thanks for their faithful service are extended to retiring governors Macon Basinger, Debo Bell, Tommy Daniels, Greg Miller and Pat Weyher, and retiring trustee John Hauser.

I’ve heard many say the Chapel’s 2019 Summer Youth Program was one of the best ever. Devin Wood and Will Teachey, with the support of the Youth Committee, took advantage of the enhancements to the ground floor of the youth cottage that were undertaken in the spring and delivered a tremendous summer program. And to top it off, the Youth Committee announced September 1, that Devin would be returning next year for a third summer as our youth minister. Great news and congrats to Devin!

Youth Minister Devin Wood and Youth Assistant Will Teachey are honored during worship at the end of the 2019 Summer Youth Program on August 11.

Away Missions Committee Chair Jim King and affiliate Pat Gunter, on behalf of her home church in Raleigh, are planning a mission trip to Haiti, February 29-March 7, 2020, in partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM). Pastor Dorleans, HOM founding director, was with us in May and shared a great deal about his work and missions in Haiti. The cost of the trip is approximately $1500, which includes airfare plus room and board. Once we know the participants, we will determine the type of work we will do such as painting, repairing roofs, building a house, or other tasks. If you’re interested in participating in the mission trip, please contact Pat Gunter at 919-724-9459.

Many thanks are due Rich Wood and a great number of volunteers who helped secure and safeguard valuable equipment and belongings in the Chapel and other properties in advance of Hurricane Dorian, and who also helped to restore the facilities immediately afterwards so that we could worship on that Sunday. I’m grateful we have so many dedicated affiliates who, every time our Chapel has a need, will step up to help, even putting their personal needs aside for the moment.

Vicky Faris returns Bibles to the pews on September 7, 2019, to help get the Chapel ready for 10 a.m. worship service the next day. Vicky and 24 others made quick work of the task.

The year is fast moving along. I was looking at the church calendar recently and noticed the Worship Committee meeting in October will include planning for our Advent and Christmas season services. The Minister Selection Committee also meets in October to review and set the ministerial calendar for 2020. And it won’t be long before we start preparing for Thanksgiving and receiving Christmas cards in the mail. Maybe we can make a conscious effort this year to slow down a little and enjoy the time leading up to the holiday seasons. Certainly, doing so can help us get in the right mindset for prayerful thought and anticipation in those special weeks leading to our celebration of the birth of Christ, our Savior.

God Bless all of you! As always, please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas about our Chapel’s future. I can be reached at 910-604-3835 or via email.

Vicky Faris carries a stack of Bibles back to the pews on September 7, 2019, to help get the Chapel ready for 10 a.m. worship service the next day. Vicky and 24 others made quick work of the task.