Day four: Rich is on the roof while Keith (on a skid steer) was trying to untangle and cut the trees off of the roof. Keith and his wife have sold their house and all belongings and has his own ministry. He partners with SP. His family lives in a camper and his wife homeschools their 2 boys. The boys were part of our team for 2 days as well. They are learning how to operate equipment, and being a good Samaritan. Rich’s job after the tree finally was off, was blowing the sawdust off the roof so no one would slip and fall. The debris in front is from the house in the picture. We were actually working on the yard to the left, but the tree that fell was on the property we were working on, so we had to remove it.

This is to show you that when they say – go to a closet or bathroom – it’s true! The total house was destroyed, but the clothes are still hanging in the closet! Just an FYI in case we get a tornado!

I couldn’t help but lament about all the beautiful wood that was just going to be ground up into mulch. At the last house we worked on, I was thrilled to see a young thinking man. Another neighbor invested in a portable sawmill to help the young man with his dream: cut up and save the wood!

So, our crew carefully measured the logs into 10 foot sections and our trusty skids teer by Keith transported them up to the driveway. This house had 20 trees fall every which way BUT on her house!

The neighbor’s house walls were standing but missing the whole roof. The owner had tarped the whole roof and so offered his bathroom to us! He did pick a door up out of his trash pile first though, for the ladies. As we worked, the power people were installing electric lines, so the neighborhood was beginning to take shape, and people were experiencing hope. When an SP worker started to bring up faith, this young man said, “All you orange shirts have opened up my spiritual side! I own a company with 50 workers and I could not pay them enough money to do what you’re doing – and you’re doing it for free! Unbelievable! Thank you so much. This has truly been an awakening for me!” No more needed to be said!”

Submitted by Julia Pollock