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James Ormond

Board of Governors Chair




James Ormond interviews Merle Morris, Director of Music

Ministry of Music


Merle Morris playing “God so Loved the World”

Upcoming Events

Maundy Thursday Observance

Holy Communion-April 6; 6pm

Good Friday Service

Prayer Vigil – Noon – 3:00pm

Easter Sunrise Service

Access #12, Scott Ave. -April 9 – 6:30am

After Easter Sunrise Service

Join us for coffee, doughnuts &juice on the basketball court.

Easter Worship Service

Chapel – 10:00am

National Day of Prayer

May 4 – Noon – 12:15pm

Chancel Choir Concert

Chapel – May 14 – 10:00am

Parsonage Renovations

Renovations are completed at the Parsonage! All windows, siding, and decks are new.

See the picture on the right for the completed look.


In the Midst of the Storm”

As I sit here at my computer, it is thundering and lightning and pouring down rain at 4:30 am. With every flash of lightning across the sky, I am reminded of the power of God. As awesome as this storm is, it pales in comparison to the awesome power of God.

During the months of April and May we celebrate two of the most powerful events in human history – the resurrection of a man called Jesus and the pouring out of God’s Spirit upon His disciples on the day of Pentecost.

These two events were summed up beautifully by a young wrestler from Penn State just a couple of weekends ago. Aaron Brooks had just won his third national title at 184 pounds to help his team win its tenth team title since 2011! But that is not what is so awesome; what is awesome is what he said while being interviewed on national television by an ESPN commentator.

“How does your strong faith help you on a night like tonight?” the commentator asked.

“It’s everything,” Brooks responded. “Christ’s resurrection is everything. Not just His life, but His death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him, the Holy Spirit, only through Him. No false prophets, no Muhammad, not anyone else. Only Jesus Christ Himself!”

The ESPN commentator was a bit shaken by this impromptu gospel message from an out of breath champion wrestler, so he tried to pivot the conversation back to wrestling, but Brooks was not budging.

“Power and finesse are your calling cards …” the commentator began. But before he could even finish his question, Brooks interrupted and said, “The Holy Spirit.”

As the commentator stuttered, Brooks just plowed straight ahead, “Power and finesse, Acts chapter one, verse eight.”

[The verse reads: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”]

Brooks continued on, “The Holy Spirit, power, that’s everything. That’s where it’s from.”

The ESPN commentator tried a different tactic by asking Brooks where his finesse came from.

“The Holy Spirit as well,” said Brooks with a wink and a smile.

There is more to the interview, but you get the message from this three-time national champion, “It’s all about God, it’s all for Him, so it’s all for His glory,” he said as he ended the interview.

What a remarkable interview on national television! In just a couple of minutes he gave a gospel message about Easter and Pentecost – the resurrection of Jesus and the outpouring of His Spirit upon His disciples just 50 days later. An ordained minister could not have done a better job.

I encourage you to first reread both stories in your Bible. Since Luke wrote the Book of Acts, in which he describes the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost (chapter two); I suggest you read his version of the Resurrection as well (Luke 24).

Then contemplate how you might be a bold witness for Christ, just as young Aaron Brooks was on national television. Remember, “It’s all about God, it’s all for Him, so it’s all His glory.”

By the way, the storm outside has ended, the lightning and thunder have stopped.

Hallelujah! Amen

By Rev. Rich Pollock, Worship Committee Chair

Kingdom Crafters

Three boxes for Coastal Pregnancy Center were picked up. We gave a huge box of baby wipes, Pool Toys, cloth books, baby locks, a bib and sippy cup, three onesies, one receiving blanket, 28 crocheted baby blankets, and three knitted dresses. The center is growing.

Twenty eight hats were sent to Wake Med for preemies.

I found out about an organization called Barnabas Aid; we connected with them regarding aid for the earthquake victims. We had 40 fleece blankets, 10 baby hats, 20 adult hats, 69 scarves and eight ponchos in string bags ready to give them. Additionally, we collected sweatshirts, vests, other blankets, rain ponchos, new socks and gloves, polar fleece jackets, and wool sweaters. We mailed ten large boxes. They were trying to fill a shipping container in a week; so, we didn’t have much time to meet the deadline. It should take three to four weeks for the victims of earthquakes in Syria and Turkey to receive these items. It was good to help in such a tangible way. Barnabas Aid is a terrific organization; please look them up. They do great work in the name of Jesus! They work in tandem with Samaritan’s Purse.

We attach a card to everything we make. Here is our card. We pray that recipients will learn that God loves them and that is why they are receiving this gift!

Thanks again for supporting our causes.


For all the Kingdom Crafters,

Julia Pollock, Kingdom Crafters Chair

Minister Selection Committee

The Minister Selection Committee encourages all EAMC affiliates to consider sponsoring a minister for the 2024 church year. Applications are available at the church or by request. The deadline is October 17th. If you have any questions please contact Julia or Frank Sherron at 910-690-2595 or 910-690-2194.

Julia and Frank Sherron, Co-Chairs of the Minister Selection Committee

Mystery of the Missing Punch Bowl Set – SOLVED!

By Laura Dillman, History Committee

In the May 2017 newsletter, we asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of the chapel’s long-missing silver punch bowl set. We are happy to report that it was found in a locked closet last fall by Debo Bell, who stumbled across it while looking for something else. According to one person’s recollection, it had been missing at least as far back as 2009, possibly longer.

The set was gifted to the chapel in July 1989 by Reverend Edward Franklin Johnston. He asked the board of governors for permission to purchase a silver punch bowl, tray, and ladle for the chapel, which any affiliate could use. The Social committee chairman would be the custodian. The board agreed to his proposal.

The minutes of the November 1989 board of governors meeting state, “The Social Committee will provide a reception following the Christmas Cantata on December 15, 1989, utilizing the new silver punch bowl given to the Chapel.” 

Ed gave the beautiful silver bowl and tray to the church he loved in honor of a friendship he cherished. Both the bowl and tray are engraved with the words: “Presented by E.F. Johnston, Jr. & Sons in Memory of L.C. Kerr, Jr. 1989.” 

A native of Wallace, N.C., Ed was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA in 1964 after graduating from Union Theological Seminary. During his career, he pastored Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church in Clinton, N.C., and served churches in South Carolina, Mississippi, and Virginia. He was moderator of the Wilmington Presbytery and representative to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Langdon Chevis “Chubby” Kerr Jr. was an elder and member of the pastor selection committee at Graves Memorial Presbyterian Church when they called Ed to be their minister. Nancy Kerr Thomason, a long-time affiliate of EAMC, relates that Ed and her dad were lifelong friends and incredible Bible scholars. Her dad’s nickname came from his grandmother, her shorthand for “my cherub.” He and his wife, Anne, purchased a home on Empie Avenue in 1962. Chubby served three terms on the EAMC board of governors from 1967 until his death in 1979.

Following a stroke and heart attack in 1981, which ended Ed’s distinguished career as senior minister of the Presbyterian church in Clinton at the young age of 42, he retired to Topsail Beach, where he resided until his death in 2013. Ed is remembered as an intelligent, kind man who loved EAMC and its affiliates. He filled in at the pulpit when the guest minister could not make it at the last minute, and often conducted the Christmas Eve service.

We look forward to a “second debut” of the silver punch bowl set—a tribute to two remarkable men.

This silver punch bowl set was gifted to the chapel in 1989 by Reverend Edward Johnston. Both the bowl and tray are engraved with the words: “Presented by E.F. Johnston, Jr. & Sons in Memory of L.C. Kerr, Jr. 1989.” Photo credit: Nancy Green

Combined Prayer List – 20 January to 10 March 2023

Family of Bill Stevens

Family of Eugene Benton

Family of Bonnie Gibson

Family of Charles Davenport

Wayne & Michelle Reynolds

David & Dianne Barnes

Jac & Grayson ReVille

Howard & Pat Braxton

Norma Carol McDonald

Caroline Brewer

Greg Miller

Phyllis Countryman

Randy Futrell

Carolyn Grenier

Art Hammond

Luke High

Anne Gibbs

Phyllis Leaford

Bethany Jennings 

Randy & Robin Day

Jay Swinson

Ed Broadhurst

Georgette Keith

Jennifer Blumer

Andrew Burke

Dwight Davis

Anne Biek

Scott & Sherri Parrish

Laurie Sparrow

Jean Bell’s mother & sister

Camille & Ellery

Anne Vick

Betty Wilson

Joyce Sprouse

Chuck Taylor

Denise Clark

Will Cox

Sarah Moyer

Liz Miller

Tom Miller

Peggy Bell

Peter Rochelle

Fred Taylor

Rich Wood

The Ormonds

Burt & Carolyn Robertson

Ralph & Susan Britt

Mark Steele

Donna Pendergrast

Tate Tucker




All unspoken prayers

If you have prayer requests, please submit those to Rick Benton or Nancy Green.


Submitted by Tommy Newton, M.D.

We are indeed blessed at Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel to have affiliates who are generous in many ways, including financially. As a result of affiliates’ generosity, the Benevolence Committee is able to offer contributions to several local, national and international entities that help spread the Word of God. In this series for our newsletter, local entities that we support as a church will tell us about their mission and activities. We begin this series in the April-May issue with an article by Becky Spell Vann about her charity, “Tim’s gift.”

Tim’s Gift – A Local Footprint of God’s Grace

Seeds for Tim’s Gift, Inc. were sown by Tim Spell at his insurance agency in ways our family was unaware of until his death in 2007. His customers shared how Tim blessed them in tough times by paying premiums or giving gas money to take loved ones to doctor appointments. Those seeds were watered through Tim’s spirit of giving and God’s message – ‘one day My children will treasure leftovers’ – stirring in his wife’s heart as she was healing from colon cancer four months after Tim’s passing – with his medical equipment and supplies still lingering in their home.

Divine signs kept coming…Prayer Connection friends sent a get-well card with $50 and a note: this is for your ministry. Friends from Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel asked her to join them on a mission trip to Belize in 2008. Becky was thrilled to join her EAMC family as they blessed and were blessed doing foreign missions. She packed up precious memories, a quest to follow her heart, serve the Lord in ministry, cherish ‘friends made family’ on a mission experience that convicted her heart for ministry and changed her life forever.

Becky shared her vision with their son, Cameron who helped secure the 501-C3 and worked alongside his mother the first year after Tim’s office was transformed into a local ministry. The mission of Tim’s Gift includes sharing the love of Christ, prayers, medical supplies, equipment, and help with medical expenses for people in need. Since 2008, we have prayerfully stepped in faith to grow the ministry and glorify God. We pray with all who come. For some, this spiritual arm of the ministry can help people get through tough times. Giving help and hope to people in need locally and beyond is the heart of our mission. Praise be to God for opening doors to serve people in Sampson and surrounding counties as well as sending excess or slightly damaged supplies and equipment to Honduras, Belize, and Sierra Leone. God is glorified as ten churches in N.C. and a local doctor pay freight, with volunteers helping store and pack items sent to these foreign countries. Praise be to God for people who care and share in order for local and foreign mission work to happen that honors our heavenly Father and blesses His children. 

As the 12 disciples ministered in the name of Jesus, they shared His love, healed people, and were led by the Holy Spirit. We are grateful to all individuals, churches, & businesses who donate their time, talents, and financial support to Tim’s Gift. The following figures share outreach numbers for the 12 months of 2022; glory be to God for what He can do (through Tim’s Gift) with help from us and you.

  1. Pieces of medical equipment and supplies given out – 7,399
  2. People who came for help and prayer – 929
  3. Call Ministry (calls made to uplift people) – 1,883
  4. Card Ministry (cards mailed or delivered – 1,169
  5. Outreach Ministry – Visits made – 342
  6. Jesus Dollars donated – 557
  7. Pizza Cards given to Good Samaritans – 69
  8. Blessing Bags and gifts of love delivered – 224

We are grateful for God’s guidance and blessings as we celebrate 15 years of serving Him out loud in love. Thank you for partnering with and praying for Tim’s Gift! Your support enables us to keep giving help and hope as “a footprint of God’s Grace”!

In His love,

Becky Spell Vann, Jennifer Brewer, and Volunteers


March (Worship at 10am)


Rev. Melissa Nethery, Semi-retired Paster

Good Shepherd Methodist Church – Fort Mills, SC

Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hughes


Rev. Chris Thore, Pastor

Methodist Conference Revival Speaker

Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Blackorby



Rev. John VanTine, Retired Minister

United Methodist Church – Milford, DE

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Dave Miller



Rev. Mark Mofield, Senior Pastor

Melrose Baptist Church – Roanoke, VA

Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCloskey

April 2023 (WORSHIP 10am)


Rev. Jared Trumbo, Pastor

Vintage Church North – Raleigh, NC

Sponsors: Dr. and Mrs. Craig Williams



Rev. Curtis Campbell, Pastor (Easter Sunrise Service/Worship 10am)

United Methodist Church – Wilmington, NC

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barnett



Rev. Ray Howell, Senior Minister

First Baptist Church – Lexington, NC

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sherron



Rev. John Cook, Retired Pastor

Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cox


Rev. Mark Daniels, Pastor

Living Water Lutheran Church – Centerville, OH

Sponsors: Gen. and Mrs. Mike Scaparrotti

May 2023 (Worship 10:00 am)


Rev. Kenneth (Ken) Hall, Senior Pastor

First Methodist Church – Washington, NC

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Janie Hauser


Rev. Davide Colletta, Senior Leader/Head Pastor

Mission Community Church – Charlotte, NC

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. James Ormond


Rev. Derf Bergman, Lead Pastor

Calvary United Methodist Church – Colorado Springs, CO

Sponsors: Mr. and Mrs. Spence-Corlis

To see the full minister list for 2023, visit our website.


April 2023


Joel and Joann, Middle East

Sponsored by Steve and Edna Smith

May 2023


Daniel and Miranda Vaccaro, Kenya

Sponsored by Hunter Bell and Shannon Bell

May 30 – June 5

Kevin and Suzie Rodgers, Kenya

Sponsored by Kevin and Kay McKloskey


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