Where Do You See God?

In 2018, our Board of Governors’ Chairman Frank Sherron asked us to be aware of “God Sightings” in our daily lives and report back to the board during our bi-monthly meetings. We might call these spiritual “aha!” moments when we recognize God working in our lives. Another word to describe these “spiritual revelations” is epiphany. It is a word that dates back to ancient Greece and means “appearance” or “manifestation” usually by the gods.

The modern American poet, Maya Angelou defines epiphany this way: “It’s the occurrence when the mind, the body, the heart, and the soul focus together and see an old thing in a new way.” Psychologist Elise Ballard sees epiphanies as “major, life-changing revelations that have had the greatest impact on our lives” (Psychology Today blog, January 25, 2011).

In the church, we observe the season of Epiphany as starting with the coming of the magi to see the baby Jesus, celebrated on January 6 and lasting all the way until the first day of Lent on Ash Wednesday, this year on March 6. It is a season of new beginnings or new “God sightings” for us.

As we begin the new year of 2019 may we be aware of the “Counselor, …the Spirit of Truth” (John 14:16, NIV) living with us and in us; teaching us and reminding us of everything Jesus has said to us (Jn.14: 26) so that in experiencing these “life-changing revelations” we may experience God’s peace and not be afraid (Jn. 14:27).

Rich Pollock is a retired Presbyterian minister. He lives in Topsail Beach with his wife Julia. Both are active affiliates of Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel. Rich happily fills in at the pulpit when a guest minister is unavailable for Sunday worship.